Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I lubricate my garage door?

Yes, lubricating your garage door is always a good thing. You should lubricate your garage door springs and rollers every 3 months to minimize rust and hard ware on those parts. White lithium grease is the #1 recommended type of lubricant to use and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Why is my garage door hard to lift?

Your garage door may have worn out parts and/or need a tune up. You should be able to lift your door and let go of it half way up and it should stay there. If you let go of it and it drops to the ground or raises to the top of the frame then you should call a garage door expert and schedule a maintenance visit. Your door has springs on it that lifts the door so your opener does not have to carry a load as it moves your door. If they are not adjusted properly or if they are worn out then your door will not be balanced correctly and needs some repairs done. Neglecting those problems WILL end up damaging the internal parts of your opener.

Are all garage doors the same?

No, they are similar in design but not in quality. Some doors are have plastic wheels rotating through the tracks while others have nylon coated steel wheels the have smooth ball bearings rolling inside the wheel for easier movement in the tracks. Some doors will have a low cycle spring that is only rated for 2,000 cycles which means your door will only be able to open 2,000 times before it breaks while other will have 18,000 cycle springs. QUALITY matters!!

My garage door will not shut! What do I do?

Most of the time when your door will not shut it's because of the safety eyes that are connected to the opener. They are designed to not allow the garage door to shut if something or someone is in the way. Sometimes those eyes get bumped or they vibrate loose and it causes the safety beam on the eyes to be out of alignment and therefore causes the opener to not allow the door to shut. You can usually fix this yourself by tightening the bolt on the safety eye and/or grabbing it and tilting them on the track to where they face each other and the lights are solid on the eyes. If this does not fix them then you should call a garage door expert.

Does my garage door opener lift my door?

No, your opener is only designed to guide your door up and down through a motor and rail system. Your garage door will have a spring system built on it that is designed to lift and lower your door safely. If your spring system is wearing down - it will make it harder for your opener to operate the garage door and eventually cause the opener to malfunction.